Star Trek Online – The Path to 2409

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Star Trek Online – The Path to 2409 Der Weg nach 2409 die Lösungen für das Quiz bei der Akademie der Sternenflotte (mit Commander Viala reden)

Buch 1 ## Buch 2 ## Buch 3 ## Buch 4 ## Buch 5 ## Buch 6 ## Buch 7 ## Buch 8 ## Buch 9 ## Buch 10 ## Buch 11 ## Buch 12 ## Buch 13 ## Buch 14 ## Buch 15 ## Buch 16 ## Buch 17 ## Buch 18 ## Buch 19 ## Buch 20 ## Buch 21 ## Buch 22 ## Buch 23 ## Buch 24 ## Buch 25 ## Buch 26 ## Buch 27 ## Buch 28 ## Buch 29 ##

#### Buch 1 ###

Buch 01 Kapitel 1: Frage: Who was the first preator after Shinzon’s death? Antwort: Tal’aura

Buch 01 Kapitel 2: Frage: Which ship was retrofitted in late 2379? Antwort: USS Enterprise E

Buch 01 Kapitel 3: Frage: Who led the Andak project on Cardassia Prime? Antwort: Keiko O’Brien

### Buch 2 ###

Buch 02 Kapitel 1: Frage: Who led the Romulan forces fighting the Remans? Antwort: Tomalak 

Buch 02 Kapitel 2: Frage: Who was the first empress of the Imperial Romulan State? Antwort: Donatra

Buch 02 Kapitel 3: Frage: With which planet did the Romulans in the Unification movement want to reconnect? Antwort: Vulcan

Buch 02 Kapitel 4: Frage: Who did the Cardassian gouverment turn over for prosecution? Antwort: No one

Buch 02 Kapitel 5: Frage: On Stardate 58839.03, construction on a Starfleet ship began in San Francisco. Which ship was it? Antwort: U.S.S. Stargazer-A 

### Buch 3 ###

Buch 03 Kapitel 1: Frage: What was in short supply on the Romulan homeworld? Antwort: Food

Buch 03 Kapitel 2: Frage: Which Family rejected Tal’aura’s reorganization of the Romulan Senate? Antwort: The Line of Tellus

Buch 03 Kapitel 3: Frage: Which planet did the Klingons take from the Romulans? Antwort: Khitomer

Buch 03 Kapitel 4: Frage: Who did the Klingons fight when they conquered Khitomer? Antwort: The Romulans

Buch 03 Kapitel 5: Frage: Who argued against aid for the Unification movement on Romulus? Antwort: T’Los of Vulcan

Buch 03 Kapitel 6: Frage: What did the Doctor sue to keep from Starfleet? Antwort: His mobile Emitter

Buch 03 Kapitel 7: Frage: How many Cardassians disappeared from Cardassia Prime in 2382? Antwort:472

### Buch 4 ###

Buch 04 Kapitel 1: Frage: Why did violence break out in the Romulan capital? Antwort: Food rationing

Buch 04 Kapitel 2: Frage: Who fefected to join the Imperial Romulan State? Antwort: Admiral Taris

Buch 04 Kapitel 3: Frage: Which religious group become popular on Cardassia Prime? Antwort: The Oralians

Buch 04 Kapitel 4: Frage: Who did Martok defeat in a duel of honor? Antwort: Councilor Qolka

Buch 04 Kapitel 5: Frage: Which group began work to develop a mobile emitter? Antwort: Soong Foundation

#### Buch 5 ###

Buch 05 Kapitel 1: Frage: Who was Tal’aura’s new proconsul? Antwort: Sela

Buch 05 Kapitel 2: Frage: Who went to Romulus to speak for the Imperial Romulan State? Antwort: Admiral Taris

Buch 05 Kapitel 3: Frage: How did Tal’aura die? Antwort: Assassinated as she slept

Buch 05 Kapitel 4: Frage: Who attacked the I.K.S. Quv? Antwort: A Gorn Ship

Buch 05 Kapitel 5: Frage: Where did Odo and Laas meet? Antwort: Koralis III

Buch 05 Kapitel 6: Frage: Which organization was trying to restore B-4? Antwort: Soong Foundation

### Buch 6 ###

Buch 06 Kapitel 1: Frage: Where did Jean-Luc Picard go during his final mission as captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise-E? Antwort: Khitomer

Buch 06 Kapitel 2: Frage: Which ship was Beverly Crusher given when she was promoted to captain? Antwort: U.S.S Pasteur

Buch 06 Kapitel 3: Frage: Which former Enterprise-E officer helped unlock the Data Matrix? Antwort: Geordi La Forge

Buch 06 Kapitel 4: Frage: Which organization did Seven of Nine join? Antwort: Daystrom institute

Buch 06 Kapitel 5: Frage: Who was the leader of the Tal Shiar? Antwort: Rehaek

Buch 06 Kapitel 6: Frage: Who lost the campaign for Praetor after Tal’aura’s death? Antwort: Sela

Buch 06 Kapitel 7: Frage: Who did Donastra ally with after Tal’annra’s death? Antwort: The Remans

### Buch 7 ###

Buch 07 Kapitel 1: Frage: Which planet was overmined according to the Romulan Mining Guild? Antwort: Remus

Buch 07 Kapitel 2: Frage: To which planet did the Remans relocate? Antwort: Crateris

Buch 07 Kapitel 3: Frage: Whom did Rehaek blame for the assassination of Praetor Tal’aura? Antwort: The Nobles

Buch 07 Kapitel 4: Frage: Who convinced the praetor to commute Sela’s death sentence? Antwort: Donatra

Buch 07 Kapitel 5: Frage: What position was Data when he returned to Starfleet Antwort: Captain of the Enterprise-E

Buch 07 Kapitel 6: Frage: Who conquered Gila IV? Antwort: The Klingon Empire

Buch 07 Kapitel 7: Frage: How much did a protest permit cost on ferenginar? Antwort: One bar of gold-pressed Latinum

Buch 07 Kapitel 8: Frage: Who was the First of the Alpha Jem’Hadar? Antwort: Lamat’Ukan

### Buch 8 ###

Buch 08 Kapitel 1: Frage: Who designed the Jellyfish? Antwort: Geordi La Forge

Buch 08 Kapitel 2: Frage: Who killed Raimus? Antwort: Hassan the Undying

Buch 08 Kapitel 3: Frage: What proposal by the Grand Nagus was reected in 2387? Antwort: Ferengi alliance with the Federation

Buch 08 Kapitel 4: Frage: Which planet did the Jem’Hadar occupy? Antwort: Devros II

Buch 08 Kapitel 5: Frage: Which group first detected radiation fluxuations in the Hobus star? Antwort: Romulan Mining Guild

Buch 08 Kapitel 6: Frage: Who did Donatra order to return to Romulus? Antwort: Admiral Taris

Buch 08 Kapitel 7: Frage: How long did the Romulan military report it would take to evacuate the homeworld? Antwort: Six weeks

Buch 08 Kapitel 8: Frage: Who did Martok appoint to be a commander of the Klingon Fleet? Antwort: Worf

Buch 08 Kapitel 9: Frage: Which ship was lost in the Hobus System with the Jellyfish? Antwort: Narada

### Buch 9 ###

Buch 09 Kapitel 1: Frage: Which world was the first to claim the title capital of the Romulan Star Empire? Antwort: Rator III

Buch 09 Kapitel 2: Frage: Which faction refused to send aid to the Romulans? Antwort: Klingon Empire

Buch 09 Kapitel 3: Frage: Who led the faction of the High Council that blamed the Federation for the loss of the fleet? Antwort: J’mpok

Buch 09 Kapitel 4: Frage: What is the name of Worf’s second son? Antwort: K’Dhan

Buch 09 Kapitel 5: Frage: How many planets withdraw their ambassadors to Vulcan? Antwort: 19

### Buch 10 ###

Buch 10 Kapitel 1: Frage: How many Romulans attempted to take over as emperor in 2389? Antwort: 5

Buch 10 Kapitel 2: Frage: Which faction allied with the gorn? Antwort: Nausicaans

Buch 10 Kapitel 3: Frage: What was the name of B’vat’s son? Antwort: K’das

Buch 10 Kapitel 4: Frage: Where did Gul Madred build a mining operation? Antwort: Septimus System

Buch 10 Kapitel 5: Frage: Who was the Federation Council representative from Vulcan? Antwort: T’Los

Buch 10 Kapitel 6: Frage: What happened to expand the Doctor’s lawsuit? Antwort: It became a class-action suit covering all sentinent artifical lifeforms in the federation

### Buch 11 ###

Buch 11 Kapitel 1: Frage: Which group wanted protection from Nausicaan raiders? Antwort: Federation Transport Union

Buch 11 Kapitel 2: Frage: How many recommendations did the Klingon Defense Force have to improve their status? Antwort: Three

Buch 11 Kapitel 3: Frage: Which Romulan colony requested Federation protection? Antwort: Talvath

Buch 11 Kapitel 4: Frage: Who did the crew of the U.S.S. Pasteur work with to develop a treatment of Yarmin Fel Syndrome? Antwort: Cardassian Ministry of Science

Buch 11 Kapitel 5: Frage: Which group sought to block the class-action lawsuit dealing with the rights of artificial lifeforms? Antwort: Holonovel publishers and programmers

Buch 11 Kapitel 6: Frage: Which ship explored the McAllister C-5 nebula? Antwort: U.S.S. Enterprise-E

Buch 11 Kapitel 7: Frage: Who met with traders of the Federation Transport Union? Antwort: Nan Bacco

### Buch 12 ###

Buch 12 Kapitel 1: Frage: Who met with leaders of the Federation Transport Union? Antwort: Federation President Nan Bacco

Buch 12 Kapitel 2: Frage: What was the name of the Klingon who planted the explosive at the peace conference? Antwort: J’dah

Buch 12 Kapitel 3: Frage: Who did the Gorn talk to about an alliance? Antwort: The Letheans

Buch 12 Kapitel 4: Frage: Who led the Klingon invasion into the Zeta Pictoris System? Antwort: J’mpok

Buch 12 Kapitel 5: Frage: Where did Sela and her followers settle? Antwort: Makar

Buch 12 Kapitel 6: Frage: Who agreed to finance the reconstruction of the Cardassian Industrial complex? Antwort: Grand Nagus Rom

Buch 12 Kapitel 7: Frage: What did the Soong Foundation want to add to the Federation Constitution? Antwort: Rights for artifical lifeforms

Buch 12 Kapitel 8: Frage: Which ship was successful with an extremely diverse crew? Antwort: U.S.S. Titan

### Buch 13 ###

Buch 13 Kapitel 1: Frage: Who won the election for Federation president? Antwort: Aennik Okeg

Buch 13 Kapitel 2: Frage: Where were the 2392 peace talks held? Antwort: Cestus III

Buch 13 Kapitel 3: Frage: Which Great House was supporting J’mpok in 2392? Antwort: House of Torg

Buch 13 Kapitel 4: Frage: Who did Gul Madred start exporting ore to? Antwort: Romulans

Buch 13 Kapitel 5: Frage: What was the name of the new Romulan Capital Antwort:Rihan

### Buch 14 ###

Buch 14 Kapitel 1: Frage: Who did J’mpok ban from the Great Hall? Antwort: Ambassador Worf

Buch 14 Kapitel 2: Frage: What is the name of the group that guards the Klingon chancellor? Antwort: Yan-Isleth

Buch 14 Kapitel 3: Frage: Who was the Arbiter of Succession? Antwort: B’vat

Buch 14 Kapitel 4: Frage: Which worlds joined the Federation in 2393? Antwort: Bajor and Tama Prime

Buch 14 Kapitel 5: Frage: Which ship met with a being claiming to be from the Metron Consortium? Antwort: USS Stargazer-A

Buch 14 Kapitel 6: Frage: Which group did Gul Madred hire to protect his mines? Antwort: Alpha Jem’Hadar

Buch 14 Kapitel 7: Frage: Who did Taris clash with over the role of the military? Antwort: General Tebok

### Buch 15 ###

Buch 15 Kapitel 1: Frage: In what system does the House of J’mpok own property? Antwort: Pheben

Buch 15 Kapitel 2: Frage: : On which planet did Melani D’ian settle? Antwort: Ter’jas Mor

Buch 15 Kapitel 3: Frage: What happened to crime rates after Melani D’ian took control of the Orion Syndicate? Antwort: Increased significantly

Buch 15 Kapitel 4: Frage: What was the new name for the Romulan capital city being constructed on Rator III? Antwort: Nova Roma

Buch 15 Kapitel 5: Frage: Which photonic lifeform was declared sentient by the Federation Supreme Court? Antwort: The Doctor

Buch 15 Kapitel 6: Frage: What was the name of Alexander Rozhenko’s son? Antwort: D’Vak

### Buch 16 ###

Buch 16 Kapitel 1: Frage: Were was the U.S.S. Kelso when it was destroyed? Antwort: Devron Sector

Buch 16 Kapitel 2: Frage: How many members of Starfleet Security were court-martialed after the destruction of the U.S.S. Kelso? Antwort: Six

Buch 16 Kapitel 3: Frage: What rank was The Doctor’s Starfleet commission? Antwort: Lieutenant Commander

Buch 16 Kapitel 4: Frage: What races rebuilt the monastery at P’Jem? Antwort: Vulcan, Human and Andorian

Buch 16 Kapitel 5: Frage: Where was Ja’rod when he was ambushed? Antwort: Rha’darus

### Buch 17 ###

Buch 17 Kapitel 1: Frage: Who developed a treatment for Bloodfire? Antwort: Beverly Crusher

Buch 17 Kapitel 2: Frage: How many warships were missing from Cardassia Prime? Antwort: At least 75

Buch 17 Kapitel 3: Frage: Who war the leader of the Klingon Defense Force’s Seventh Fleet? Antwort: D’ald

Buch 17 Kapitel 4: Frage: Which House did Captain Klor owe fealty to? Antwort: House of Martok

Buch 17 Kapitel 5: Frage: Who were trading ships and weapons for Sela’s decalithium? Antwort: Dopterians

Buch 17 Kapitel 6: Frage: Who was the captain of the USS Chochrane? Antwort: T’Vix

### Buch 18 ###

Buch 18 Kapitel 1: Frage: Which ship was Geordi La Forge given command of when he was promoted to captain? Antwort: U.S.S. Challenger

Buch 18 Kapitel 2: Frage: Who restored the House of Duras to legitimacy? Antwort: J’mpok

Buch 18 Kapitel 3: Frage: Who moved to the former Orion homeworld in 2397? Antwort: Hassan the Undying

Buch 18 Kapitel 4: Frage: What did General Trebok refuse to do in 2397? Antwort: Fire an civilians on Krevatras

### Buch 19 ###

Buch 19 Kapitel 1: Frage: Which beings did the Federation Council exclude from the dual citizenship program? Antwort: Artificial Lifeforms

Buch 19 Kapitel 2: Frage: Rhea was the first person granted dual citizenship in the Federation. Where else did she hold citizenship? Antwort: Ferenginar

Buch 19 Kapitel 3: Frage: What bloc helped Aennik Okeg win a second term as Federation president? Antwort: New voters with dual citizenship

Buch 19 Kapitel 4: Frage: With ship was Naomi Wildman assigned to? Antwort: USS Hathaway

Buch 19 Kapitel 5: Frage: What kind of explosive was used in the attack on the peace conference in 2398? Antwort: Ultritium resin

Buch 19 Kapitel 6: Frage: Who took Command of the Romulan Second Fleet? Antwort: General Vedal

### Buch 20 ###

Buch 20 Kapitel 1: Frage: Who inspired many Ferengi to apply to Starfleet Academy? Antwort: Nog

Buch 20 Kapitel 2: Frage: Which technology formed the basis of Starfleet’s transwarp network? Antwort: Borg

Buch 20 Kapitel 3: Frage: What did Tebok’s crew think was causing the malfunctions on the Alth’Indor? Antwort: Computer virus

Buch 20 Kapitel 4: Frage: What did J’mpok call the Udine? Antwort: qu’meH quv

Buch 20 Kapitel 5: Frage: Who condemned the Klingon invasion of the Gorn Hegemony? Antwort: Federation Council

Buch 20 Kapitel 6: Frage: Who was allowed to stay in the First City after Federation citizens were asked to leave? Antwort: Worf

### Buch 21 ###

Buch 21 Kapitel 1: Frage: What did the Federation do after the outbreak of war between the Klingons and the Gorn? Antwort: Reinforced borders and outposts

Buch 21 Kapitel 2: Frage: In 2400, what did the Federation Council declare to be illegal? Antwort: Gorn-Klingon war

Buch 21 Kapitel 3: Frage: Where was Harry Kim assigned in 2400? Antwort: Starbase 11

Buch 21 Kapitel 4: Frage: Who was investigating the destruction of the I.R.W. Alth’Indor? Antwort: Sela

### Buch 22 ###

Buch 22 Kapitel 1: Frage: Where did Sela and General Velal meet in 2401? Antwort: Zeta Volantis

Buch 22 Kapitel 2: Frage: Who was elected to lead the Cardassian Union in 2401? Antwort: Natima Lang

Buch 22 Kapitel 3: Frage: Who was revealed to be an Undine in 2401? Antwort: Councilor Konjah

Buch 22 Kapitel 4: Frage: In 2401, which ship attented to aid the gorn? Antwort: U.S.S. Lindbergh

Buch 22 Kapitel 5: Frage: Who resigned his post after the Federation Council refused to change their position on the Gorn-Klingon war? Antwort: Worf

Buch 22 Kapitel 6: Frage: Who was named head of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers in 2401? Antwort: Miles O’Brian

### Buch 23 ###

Buch 23 Kapitel 1: Frage: Who blockaded the Gorn homeworld in 2402? Antwort: Klingons and Orions

Buch 23 Kapitel 2: Frage: In 2402, Klingons attacked a Starfleet vessel during Cadet Miral Paris’s senior cruise. Which ship did they attack? Antwort: U.S.S. Pike

Buch 23 Kapitel 3: Frage: To which race may the Lorians be relateted? Antwort: Xindi

Buch 23 Kapitel 4: Frage: To where did Jean-Luc Picard retrire? Antwort: France

Buch 23 Kapitel 5: Frage: Who was the leader of the true way in 2402? Antwort: Gul Madred

Buch 23 Kapitel 6: Frage: Who arrived to support General Velal after he rebelled against Praetor Taris? Antwort: Sela

### Buch 24 ###

Buch 24 Kapitel 1: Frage: What did the Klingons destroy to allow them to land on the Gorn Homeworld? Antwort: Planetary power relay

Buch 24 Kapitel 2: Frage: Which General was in charge of the Klingon force that invaded the Gorn homeworld? Antwort: General Klag

Buch 24 Kapitel 3: Frage: Why did the Klingons execute the Gorn prime minister and head of military intelligence? Antwort: They were Undine in disguise

Buch 24 Kapitel 4: Frage: Who did J’mpok give an non-voting seat on the High Council in 2403? Antwort: Slathis

Buch 24 Kapitel 5: Frage: What is the name of Emperor Kahless’s ship? Antwort: I.K.S. Batlh

Buch 24 Kapitel 6: Frage: Who captured Praetor Taris after the revolt in 2403? Antwort: No One

Buch 24 Kapitel 7: Frage: Who was named leader of the Romulan fleet after the revolt in 2403? Antwort: General Vela

### Buch 25 ###

Buch 25 Kapitel 1: Frage: What did Starfleet open more of in 2404? Antwort: Transwarp hubs

Buch 25 Kapitel 2: Frage: What did the Soong Foundation want Star Fleet to disclose in 2404? Antwort: Location and conditional all holograms

Buch 25 Kapitel 3: Frage: How long did J’memok give the Federation to remove its citizenz from the Hromi Cluster? Antwort: Three months

Buch 25 Kapitel 4: Frage: Where did Sela open a memorial in 2409? Antwort: Remains of the Romulan homeworld

### Buch 26 ###

Buch 26 Kapitel 1: Frage: What was the first Federation system attacked by Klingon in 2405? Antwort: Korvat

Buch 26 Kapitel 2: Frage: Which ship was damaged defending Korvat? Antwort: U.S.S. Montgomery Scott Buch 26 Kapitel 3: Frage: Who signed a non-aggression pact with the Klingon Empire in 2405? Antwort: The Nausicaans

Buch 26 Kapitel 4: Frage: What did the Ferengi agree to share with the Federation in 2405? Antwort: Technology and information

Buch 26 Kapitel 5: Frage: Who was elected Federation president in 2405? Antwort: Aennik Okeg

Buch 26 Kapitel 6: Frage: What planet did the Gorn attack in 2405? Antwort: Sherman’s Planet

### Buch 27 ###

Buch 27 Kapitel 1: Frage: The Klingons attempted to conquer the Archanis Sector once before 2406. In which year did that happen? Antwort: 2372

Buch 27 Kapitel 2: Frage: In 2406, the Federation developed power cells that allowed far the creation of personel shilds. Where were the power cells developed? Antwort: Memory Alpha

Buch 27 Kapitel 3: Frage: What did the Carnegie colony provide for the Federation? Antwort: Factories and replicator facilities

Buch 27 Kapitel 4: Frage: Who was the head of Starfleet Intelligence in 2406? Antwort: Chakotay

### Buch 28 ###

Buch 28 Kapitel 1: Frage: Who rejected the idea of a Federation-Klingon cease fire in 2407? Antwort: Chancellor J’mpok

Buch 28 Kapitel 2: Frage: In 2407, which species was struck by the virus that devastated the Carnegie colony? Antwort: Phylosians

Buch 28 Kapitel 3: Frage: What were the Romulans searching for in 2407? Antwort: Sword of S’task

Buch 28 Kapitel 4: Frage: Who sought an alliance with the Klingon Empire in 2407? Antwort: Letheans

### Buch 29 ###

Buch 29 Kapitel 1: Frage: Who is the mayor of Pike City in 2408? Antwort: Jae Aaron

Buch 29 Kapitel 2: Frage: Who became the Romulan praetor after Sela was crowned empress? Antwort: No One

Buch 29 Kapitel 3: Frage: What did Sela do at her coronation? Antwort: Took a blood oath to uphold the empire

Buch 29 Kapitel 4: Frage: Where did Starfleet send the U.S.S. Enterprise-E in 2408 Antwort: Starbase 236

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